Through the new year, it’s time to tackle the cleaning that’s been put off time and time again. While the house might look nice at first glance, there are likely some things you’ve been pushing back or trying to ignore, like dealing with stains or cleaning under the furniture. Get the whole house in great shape by using the following tips and tricks.

Know the Tricks to Remove Stains

Houses are lived in, so there will be stains. This is just a fact of life. The stains don’t have to be there forever though. If stains have you looking into house cleaning near me, try learning exactly what works best for the types of stains in your home. For juice, blot the stain with dishwashing liquid mixed with water. For wine, blot with water, then try a detergent solution or three-percent hydrogen peroxide.

Use the Vacuum Attachments

Have you had a move out cleaning done before? If you watch the cleaning, you might have noticed the cleaners use all of the vacuum attachments. Take time to learn more about the attachments that came with the vacuum and how they can be used for many parts of your home, not just the carpets and rugs.

Try Magic Erasers Everywhere

Magic erasers are great at getting rid of stains from a variety of surfaces. It’s important to make sure they can be used on certain surfaces before using them, but they can be used on flooring, walls, tables, shoes, baseboards, doors, and a lot more. Use inexpensive off-brand options to inexpensively clean just about anything.

Save the Old Toothbrush

Tight spots can be difficult to clean. Instead of throwing away the toothbrush each month, put it to work cleaning around the home. The toothbrush can get into all of the tiny spaces that are difficult to clean. Use heat to bend the toothbrush to fit in some of the more difficult spaces easily.

Tackle the Baseboards

Even if the room is picked up and the floors are clean, it might just not look as nice as you’d like. What’s missing? The baseboards probably haven’t been cleaned in a while. Take a few minutes to wipe down the baseboards and see what a huge difference this can make for any room.

Add Storage and Declutter

While decluttering, take time to think about what needs to stay. Where will it go? Adding in storage can help keep spaces from getting cluttered since everything will have a home. Consider vertical storage to make the most out of small spaces and ensure the rooms all look cleaned up every day.

Try Using Lemons

Lemons are a fantastic cleaner. Slightly acidic, they can help break apart some tough stains. Use lemons on stainless steel appliances, for cleaning out the garbage disposal, and for other stainless steel items in the house, such as faucets. Add a touch of baking soda to make it even easier to cut through some of the stains around the home.

Cover Up the Furniture

Covers are available now to cover just about any type of furniture. This is the best way to prevent spills from the kids or fur from the dogs causing the sofa or other chairs to look a mess. Once a spill happens or the cover starts to look dirty, simply toss it in the washer and dryer, then put it back on the sofa.

Get on a Schedule

Whether you decide to opt for a home cleaning service or you want to make sure everything is done and stays clean, get on a schedule. This is the best way to make sure nothing is forgotten and the house doesn’t just end up dusty and cluttered once again.

A few tips and tricks like these can make cleaning a lot easier and help you tackle all of the hidden stains or other issues around the house. Use the tips here to make sure your home looks amazing all of the time. If you’d like to have someone to tackle the cleaning for you, so you have less to worry about, call Garcia House Cleaning in Fredericksburg, Virginia now.